How Does Your Life Insurance Trust Work?

Millman law Group life insurance trust

A life insurance trust can help your family have more control over your life insurance payout.

As you begin estate planning, you may start considering a life insurance trust. This kind of trust can help you protect your assets and guarantee that your wishes for them are honored. This trust owns your life insurance policy, and when you pass away, your insurance benefit is paid out to the trust. The trustee then uses that money to pay bills like legal fees and estate taxes before delivering the rest to your trust’s designated beneficiaries. So why would you want to use a life insurance trust? Read on to discover why this can be a valuable estate planning tool. 

More Financial Control

The primary reason people opt to use a life insurance trust is to maintain financial control. If your spouse is a beneficiary but they slip into a coma after you pass away, the trust can help. In that instance, the trust is the beneficiary, and the trustee will utilize your insurance proceeds to pay for your spouse’s care without requiring any court appearances. 

Avoid Probate

Creating a life insurance trust can also help you avoid probate, reduce your estate taxes, and ensure that you have the cash immediately available to pay necessary bills. Your trust can even help you avoid paying income and estate taxes. Probate is a lengthy and sometimes costly process that can delay the receipt of funds or assets from a will. By working with your Millman Law Group lawyer, you can find the most efficient ways to avoid the hassle of probate. 

Avoid Guardianship for Minors

If a minor in Florida receives more than $15,000, guardianship must be established for the benefit of that minor. However, guardianship can be expensive and complicated. When you use a life insurance trust, when you pass away, funds can pass through the trust and be administered for the benefit of the minor without court intervention. 

Maintain Governmental Benefits

If you name a beneficiary who is disabled and relies on government assistance, an insurance trust with special needs provisions is essential. This life insurance trust can be set up to protect the interest of your beneficiary so that they can receive your funds without putting their governmental benefits qualifications at risk.

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