Debunking Common Estate Planning Myths

Millman Law Group estate planning myths

Don’t believe the following estate planning myths!

There are numerous misconceptions out there about the law and, of course, many myths related to estate planning. Some of these misconceptions may be discouraging you from seeking the help of an estate planning lawyer or planning your estate, to begin with. That is why we want to debunk a few of those estate planning myths. If you want to learn more about creating wills, navigating probate, and how passing on assets works, discuss your concerns with The Millman Law Group today. 

Myth 1: A Will Isn’t Necessary

You may assume that if there isn’t a will in place when you die, your spouse will immediately inherit everything. This is false. If there is no will, the laws of your state will take precedence and determine who gets what. If you want to dictate how much of your estate goes to your spouse, children, or other beneficiaries, you must create a will that outlines your wishes. 

Myth 2: Having a Will Means There’s No Need for Probate Court

Having a will is not enough to protect you from the probate court. A will is, in fact, not legally effective until the will is presented to the probate court. Unfortunately, this process can take up time and money, even in the easiest of circumstances. If you wish to avoid probate, your estate planning lawyer can help you figure out the best ways to do so. Those methods can include creating trusts, which make passing assets down more manageable. 

Myth 3: The Family Gets Stuck with All Debts

This is one of the estate planning myths that is half-true. The deceased’s debts do not have to be paid by the family. However, they will be paid off by the deceased’s estate, which will then decrease by the amount of debt owed. This means that the family members will inherit less, but they won’t be paying debts out of their own pockets. 

If you are concerned about any of these estate planning myths or more, reach out to The Millman Law Group to have your questions answered by experienced professionals. 

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