What’s SO Terrific About Hiring a Trust Planning Attorney?

Benefits of Hiring a Trust Planning Attorney Millman Law Group

Allow us to elaborate more on why hiring a trust planning attorney is so terrific!

It’s a terrific idea to hire a trust planning attorney because you’ll be working alongside a professional. When you work alongside a professional in any capacity, it makes life more convenient. However, understanding the ins and outs of estate and trust planning can be particularly difficult. The point is that trust planning shouldn’t be generic. Millman Law Group will cater to your specific needs. Allow us to elaborate more on why hiring a trust planning attorney is so terrific! 

A Trust Planning Attorney Will Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

One of our clients called our staff “attentive and knowledgeable,” which is 100% factual. Once again, we will tailor documents to ensure they have your best interest at heart. Furthermore, our wealth of knowledge is why you shouldn’t attempt to tackle the task of preparing for your future alone. You might also be a caregiver entrusted to make decisions for your loved one. It’s best to have a compassionate firm on your side to help you navigate that. 


It’s no secret that trusts are more complicated to legalize than a will. We will ensure that your trust(s) is legally compliant, guide you on how to fund a trust, and advise you on the best strategy to minimize tax burdens. Even the slightest error can invalidate your estate plan. For that reason, you can trust Millman Law Group to be thorough and efficient. 

Millman Law Group Can Accommodate for Any Changes

Rarely, estate plans are ever set in stone when first drafting them. You should review your estate plan every year to see if there are any changes. Families grow, and interests change. Later in life, you join a community organization and use a part of your assets to fund it. In addition, a new grandchild may enter the picture or even a spouse. If there are any changes, Millman Law Group will account for these changes to ease your worries. 

We Can Roll a Lot of Your Wishes into One

Estate planning is complex and layered. For that reason, we offer packages that can consolidate all of your needs into one. For example, we offer a Health Care Directive that contains a Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization, AND a living will. The main point to take away is that often in life, you never know what you don’t know or need to know until you speak with an expert.


Millman Law Group, PLLC is rare because it’s one of the only law firms that offer life planning in South Florida. From life care planning to the preparation of detailed estate plans, Millman Law Group has committed to serving Floridian elderly communities in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Ocean Ridge, Hillsboro Beach, and many other areas since 2018. Our dedicated team also specializes in special needs trusts and catering to any age demographic because we know for certain it’s never too early to start preparing you and your family for your future. For the latest news in estate planning and elder care law, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. You can also contact us at 561-463-6480.