Elder Care Coordinator

Your elder care coordinator is the most crucial person in ensuring you have the information you need to make informed decisions in your life care plan. They are your advocate and your guide, helping you understand the complex healthcare options available and making sure that your choices are acknowledged by those in the system.

What Can Your Elder Care Coordinator Help With?

Many people underestimate the power that an elder care coordinator brings to a family. Having an individual whose role it is to ensure quality of care and find solutions is invaluable, and their knowledge of the industry allows them to serve as a bridge between you and options you may not know exist.

The main things an elder care coordinator provide are:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Counseling
  • Guidance

These can take many forms. Elder care coordinators can help you understand and guide you through medical application processes. They can find alternative housing and transportation options. They coordinate between different medical professionals. They help you locate and hire care providers such as in-home services. They identify opportunities to save money or bolster financial resources related to care. They can be a liaison between family members and all care professionals involved to promote understanding on all fronts. The list goes on.

You can also trust your elder care coordinator to take the stress out of some of the most headache-inducing parts of elder care. They are experts at handling the logistics needed in both day-to-day care and with large changes. They work to ensure any and all care facilities, transportation services, involved family members, physicians, accountants, and administrators are fully informed of their duties and understand the elder’s needs.

A Focus on Asset Protection

One of the toughest parts of elder care is ensuring your family has the financial resources needed to both maintain care and give the elder a good quality of life as they age and grow more debilitated. Your elder care coordinator understands this, and they come equipped with the skills needed to balance care and cost effectively.

Knowing Where to Look

There are multiple programs available for those in long-term elder care, but it can take an expert to know where to look. Medicaid planning, VA benefits, and local resources are all part of our elder care coordinator’s repertoire. They are also experts at understanding and navigating the complex health insurance system we have in the US. This expertise helps them secure quality care for elders and their families, but it also allows them to navigate the various costs involved in long-term care. They are able to spot and avoid plans that would drain resources before they are implemented.

Learn More About How an Elder Care Coordinator Can Help Your Family

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