Personal Representative and Trustee Representation

If you are looking for a law firm to manage your estate or trust, Millman Law Group can help. We offer both personal representation and trustee representation to ensure that your wishes are carried out down to the letter and in full accordance with the law.

Personal Representation

Personal Representation as Power of Attorney

We are able to serve as personal representatives and powers of attorney for our clients in order to make sure their life care plans estate plans or advanced trust planning are fully realized. We are also able to advise personal representatives depending on the needs for the individual. For example, a son or daughter may have power of attorney, but you’d like them to have a lawyer dedicated to making sure they are fully supported when handling an individual’s matters while serving either as a power of attorney for the individual or personal representative of an estate.

Personal Representation for Estates

Our personal representation services allow us to act as the executor/personal representative of an estate for an individual, taking the stress of the role away from a grieving family. Our estate plans services allow us to be fully involved in every aspect of the estate from its inception to administration and distribution. We highly recommend any clients who are looking for complicated or heavily taxed advantaged solutions opt to use Millman Law Group for their personal representation as well so that we may ensure the plans are fully followed through. This includes all tax-filing needed after death as well as settling of estate taxes.

We also can act as an on-hand lawyer for an executor of an estate, helping them move through the steps of distributing assets to heirs and making sure no steps are missed in the process.

Trustee Representation

We offer both trust administration and representation as part of our services. Our trustee representation services are focused around both the proper handling of a trust and on keeping beneficiaries fully informed at all times. Depending on the will or trust of the grantor, we can go above and beyond the requirements imposed by the Florida Trust Code. We act as the information gateway between the settlor or grantor and the beneficiary and are able to keep all parties satisfied in the process.

If you would simply like to have a lawyer on hand to help someone else appointed to manage a trust, we can do that too. We help individuals administer and manage a trust, ensuring they meet all legal requirements as laid out by Florida state law. We also can help individuals be sure they’re complying with their late family member’s wishes by helping to interpret their will.

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