The Top Reasons You Need a Probate Lawyer

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Work with a probate lawyer at The Millman Law Group for a smooth estate administration experience.

Probate is the process by which individual estates get settled after someone dies. This process occurs within the courts, so legal jargon and documents are often a standard part of probate. When creating a will and choosing beneficiaries, individuals can take steps to make probate as easy for their heirs as possible. One way to ensure a smooth process is by using a probate lawyer. At The Millman Law Group, you can count on our experienced attorneys to help you prepare your estate and assist your family in navigating probate after your passing. If you are interested in the help a probate lawyer can offer, keep reading to learn more about what exactly we can do for your family. 

Draft Your Will

While there are DIY will writing options out there, do you want to risk mistakes when planning the future of your estate and your family? A poorly drafted will may be contested and cause conflict and stress for your heirs. The best way to ensure your wishes are honored after your death is to draft an airtight will with your probate lawyer. 

Protect Your Estate

A probate lawyer from the Millman Law Group can ensure that the wishes of the deceased and the interests of their family are protected. Legal claims are sometimes made after a person’s death. These claims against the estate are challenging to fight against without legal training and experience in this field. Hiring a probate lawyer to manage these claims means you can reduce your descendants’ anxiety when dealing with this unfamiliar process at a difficult time. 

Create Trusts

Your probate lawyer at The Millman Law Group can help you create trusts as part of your estate plan. Trusts are one of the best ways to avoid probate while guaranteeing a smooth transfer of property to your beneficiaries. You can find more resources regarding trusts on The Millman Law Group website here: Revocable Trusts and Probate, Estate, and Trust Administration. Contact us more information about which trusts may be best for your estate. 

Increase the Speed of Probate

The probate process can often be complex depending on the details of the will. Your probate attorney can assist an untrained executor in negotiating the legal process. Your attorney will help resolve the financial and legal matters that arise during probate with minimal fuss and delay. 

Support the Personal Representative and Heirs

A personal representative, or executor, has many responsibilities and may not be prepared for all of them. Heirs also have questions about probate and what they can expect when it comes to receiving their inheritances. A probate lawyer will help reduce confusion and doubt while securely navigating the process alongside the personal representative. 

A probate lawyer has extensive experience dealing with estate planning and administration and can help you with court filings, debt settlement, appraising assets, and releasing inheritance. A personal representative should work with an attorney to avoid liability for any mistakes. 

Reduce Family Conflicts

A death in the family can lead to a range of emotional responses. If there is tension between family members and other heirs, disputes can arise that cause significant conflict and prolong the probate process. Your attorney can help reduce these tensions and act as an objective voice in the proceedings who does not have an emotional stake in the inheritances.

If you’re ready to make probate a smooth, pain-free process, contact The Millman Law Group today to partner with one of our attorneys. 

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