3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Estate Planning

millman law group avoid DIY estate planning

Avoid DIY estate planning and trust an experienced lawyer instead.

People are always looking for ways to cut back expenses when they can, but in some situations, spending a little more time or money on something will pay off significantly in the long run. When estate planning, it is always recommended that you work with an estate planning attorney. Some online sources may say it’s easy to put together your will yourself. However, the truth is that many factors and legal considerations go into crafting a secure will, as well as other estate planning documents like trusts. Contact Millman Law Group to work with a lawyer and avoid the following problems of DIY estate planning. 

You Are Not Familiar with the Details of the Law 

Unless you are highly experienced in trusts and estates, chances are good that you are not as familiar as you should be with Florida estate planning and probate laws. Your attorney at The Millman Law Group has years of experience navigating estate plans of all kinds and is trained in Florida law. 

The laws on estate planning are vast and complex. They cover many legal issues related to wills, trusts, guardianships, probate, etc. If you try DIY estate planning, you may make a mistake that has far-reaching consequences. Making mistakes can make the difference between your money going to the people you want to receive it or losing it on legal fees or court costs while your estate is in probate. Once you are gone, it is too late to fix estate planning mistakes, so you have to ensure it is airtight when possible. 

Online Forms Are Not Enough 

If you think you can download and fill out a generic online form to create your estate plan, don’t be so sure. These forms may have been prepared for a non-attorney paralegal; even if an attorney prepared them, they may not be state-specific or up-to-date. Ultimately, they are also generic forms and do not address your specific situation, family dynamics, or objectives. 

When working with your Florida estate planning attorney, they ask you the right questions to get the specific information needed to understand your estate planning goals and family needs. Plus, when you avoid DIY estate planning and trust a lawyer, you know they will fill out documents correctly. 

Receive Unbiased Advice from Your Estate Planning Attorney

You should also avoid DIY estate planning because when you work with a lawyer, you have someone who can objectively analyze your situation. This person can give you the advice you need to make the best decisions for your goals. If you rely on family members to help you create your estate plan, you may receive biased advice from people with their own goals. Your estate planning attorney will give you peace of mind by being an outside, objective party here to create the best estate plan possible for you and your heirs. 

Estate Planning Made Easy With Millman Law Group

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