The Benefits of Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning Millman Law Group PLLC

Medicaid planning is vital, and the attorneys here at Millman Law Group can help you plan for the future

Medicaid eligibility is not easy to understand whatsoever. For this reason, Medicaid planning is vital, and the attorneys here at Millman Law Group can help you plan for the future. The rules of Medicaid change often, and there are strict income and asset limitations. If you’re a senior who needs long-term care, Medicaid can help you alleviate your expenses or a loved one’s expenses. The Statement Medicaid Managed Care Long Term Care program (SMM LTC) deployed in Florida in 2013 to help seniors who need long-term care receive assistance in their home, their communities, and assisted living. 

However, here is the catch. If you have too many assets or earn too much money, it can make you ineligible for Medicaid, and our goal is to lower the chances of that happening. We want to help you minimize the need to liquidate your assets or avoid the need to do this entirely. Here are some more details about what a Medicaid planner does and the benefits associated with Medicaid planning. 

A Medicaid Planner’s Job, in a Nutshell

The attorneys here at Millman Law Group can help structure clients’ financial resources and prepare documentation to ensure the highest chance of eligibility into the Medicaid program. We create trusts, manage asset transfers, and convert countable assets into exempt assets to assure eligibility, all while preserving a family’s resources. 

Is Medicaid Planning Necessary, and How Do I Know When I Need It?

You may be wondering if hiring a planner is necessary. Free assistance programs do exist, but not everyone qualifies for receiving free assistance. Opting for a Medicaid planner is strongly advised because the consequences of being denied Medicaid can negatively impact the individual, especially in terms of their comfort and health. 

Consider hiring a Medicaid planner if both you or your spouse require care or if one of you is healthy but decides to move out of the home. The reason being is that one spouse does need to stay in the family home to ensure protection from Medicaid asset repossession. Also, if you’re an elder who wants to ensure that you can preserve specific assets for your heirs, such as in the case of a special needs trust, you should indeed give us a call. 

How Can I Begin the Medicaid Planning Process?

Give us a call today. The consultation is free. We will discuss the health status and financial resources of the individual applying or who will someday apply for Medicaid. We will establish the likelihood of success and the incredible impact we can have on preserving a client’s assets. We suggest taking care of this sooner rather than later due to the complex nature of Medicaid and its lengthy process. 


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