A Florida Life Estate Deed: The Purpose and Pros

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If you’re a Florida resident, you should consider a life estate deed if you want to provide your heirs with a good life

If you’re a Florida resident, you should consider a life estate deed if you want to provide your heirs with a good life. A life estate deed helps you control your property’s division after you pass, especially if you have more than one residence. An example of this includes having a family home, a vacation home, and rental properties. You may be thinking, “doesn’t a will help solve this issue?”. It does, and it is a logical option, but a will is much easier to refute than a life estate deed. Last wills and testaments detail many things, including what happens to your estate and particulars such as child custody. However, a life estate deed is a public document that regulates the real estate division solely. Allow us to elaborate more about the purpose and pros of a Florida life estate deed. 

A Scenario in Which a Life Estate Deed Would Apply

Let’s say that a father with three sons only wanted one of his sons to inherit his home. If he were to draw up a will, there is a chance that one of the other sons could defeat it, invoking inheritance rights. The father may also not want to burden one of his sons with a life support contract for fear that it would be too expensive. 

In this case, the best option would be for the father to hire an estate planning attorney to draw up a deed and legally become a grantor. By signing a deed, the father would be able to control the heirs’ rights and obligations. Simultaneously, the father would not lose rights and privileges to use and manage the property while he is still alive. The father, being the owner, would also still have duties such as paying taxes, renovation responsibilities, and real estate repairs. The inheritors can help make decisions about the sale of the property, mortgage, or any proceeds from it. Think about it as a form of co-ownership. 

The Pros

If you want to transfer real estate ownership over and avoid the costs and complications associated with probate, you’ll consider a life estate deed. After you deed your estate over to someone, you may also be eligible for long-term care through Medicaid. A deed enables you to be a co-owner of the property, making it so that your assets won’t exceed the required value. If this is the case, you become qualified for government help. 

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