Spendthrift Trusts in Palm Beach County

millman law group spendthrift trusts in palm beach county

Spendthrift trusts in Palm Beach County can protect your heirs from poor spending.

You want to make sure your heirs get the most out of their inheritances when you leave money or assets to them after your death. A spendthrift trust might help if you are concerned about your beneficiary’s capacity to handle their money responsibly. Spendthrift trusts in Palm Beach County are intended to prevent your heirs from wasting their inheritance and to better enable them to live well and appreciate what they have inherited. 

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How Do Spendthrift Trusts Work? 

Spendthrift trusts are irrevocable trusts created while the grantor (trust founder) is still alive. A spendthrift trust can be established within a revocable trust and will take effect upon the grantor’s death. A trust is defined as a spendthrift trust by the spendthrift clause. According to the clause, the beneficiary receives their cash or assets in installments rather than all at once. The grantor decides how much money is dispersed and when it is given to the recipient. 

What Are the Benefits of Establishing Spendthrift Trusts in Palm Beach County? 

People create spendthrift trusts in Palm Beach County for several reasons, the most common of which are protection against poor spending and creditors. 

Protect Your Heirs From Poor Spending

To protect your successor from themselves, use a spendthrift trust. Because this trust precisely plans how much money is transferred and when the heir can view their inheritance as a stream of income rather than a single amount. 

Protect Your Beneficiaries From Creditors

Creditors cannot collect on the trust’s assets since the recipient does not own them. As a result, the spendthrift trust can help you leave an inheritance to someone with debts. Because the beneficiary cannot use the trust as collateral to incur additional debt, it adds another tool to protect heirs from unwise financial decisions. 

Establish a Spendthrift Trust with Your Millman Law Group Attorney

Your Millman Law Group attorney in Palm Beach County can help you establish a spendthrift trust that fits your objectives. Because of its nature, this trust benefits from a thorough legal analysis. This is because trusts must withstand attempts by beneficiaries to seize control of the trust and creditors to recover assets. 

Review the agreements with a lawyer to ensure they can withstand any objections. Call your Millman Law Group attorney now to discuss your worries regarding preserving and safeguarding your assets in Palm Beach County, FL, or to schedule a free first appointment with one of our professionals. 

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