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Plan for your future with a Florida revocable living trust in Lake Worth.

A crucial estate planning tool you can benefit from is a Florida revocable living trust in Lake Worth. This trust permits you to make any necessary changes as factors change over time, which irrevocable trusts do not allow. This means you can remove or add beneficiaries, update assets or instructions, and even end the trust during your lifetime. When you hire The Millman Law Group, you can ensure that your revocable trust will operate exactly how you wish. Aaron D. Millman, Esq., CPA, founded The Millman Law Group to provide Lake Worth residents with the guidance they need. Call us today to start planning for your estate and to learn more about what revocable living trusts can do. 

How a Revocable Living Trust Can Fit Into Your Estate Plan 

Your estate planning lawyer will recommend creating a Florida revocable living trust. Revocable living trusts are flexible, which can be very valuable. The title ownership is updated when you move an asset into the trust, so the asset is now owned by the trust. 

As long as you live, you are the trustee unless you designate another individual. In the instance of your incapacitation or death, a successor trustee is appointed for you. You may also need to set up a will in addition to a revocable living trust. Because the trust is in your name, it might be at risk from creditors and cannot offer tax advantages while you live. 

Why Do We Recommend Florida Revocable Living Trusts? 

There are numerous reasons why it is worth establishing a Florida revocable living trust in Lake Worth. For instance, this trust can help you: 

  • Protect Assets for Beneficiaries: Consider adding a “spendthrift provision” to protect your trust from possible creditors. 
  • Avoid Probate Court: Avoid court when your assets are named under your trust rather than your name. 
  • Protect People with Special Needs and Federal Benefits: If a beneficiary depends on government aid or Medicare, the inheritance counts against them when they qualify for benefits. Using a special needs trust can supplement those benefits instead of eliminating them. 
  • Avoid Guardianship Court: No guardianship of your property is necessary if your assets are under a trust. 
  • Retain Control: Your living trust will help you decide how your assets are distributed. You can decide whether assets are distributed immediately or periodically or whether assets are held until the recipient meets a certain age. 
  • Avoid Guardianship Court for Minors: A guardian must be chosen if a minor inherits more than $15,000. You can avoid this when you place the inheritance in a trust instead. 

A Florida revocable living trust in Lake Worth is a wonderful idea if you have assets that may typically go through probate. It can also be an intelligent solution if your beneficiary is a minor incapable of managing significant sums of money. No matter how you wish to distribute your assets after death, a revocable living trust can ensure that your directions are followed. 

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