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Ensure a smooth Florida probate in West Palm Beach when you work with The Millman Law Group.

Florida law requires people to work with an attorney during the probate process. But what is probate? It is a court-supervised legal process that administers a person’s assets after their death. Probate helps ensure that all assets are correctly distributed to all beneficiaries. Aaron D. Millman, Esq., CPA, established The Millman Law Group to offer vital services to anyone moving through the estate planning process. As experienced legal professionals, we provide thorough services to our clients navigating Florida probate in West Palm Beach. We can also help our clients avoid probate when possible to save valuable time and money. 

When Is Florida Probate Required?

Florida probate in West Palm Beach, FL, is essential for administering a will. Your will includes clear instructions for your probate judge regarding who is set to inherit your assets once they have passed through probate. 

There are various types of probate, but the two most common are formal and summary administration. The probate you use will depend on when probate is filed, the debts of the decedent, and the value of their assets. 

During probate, a personal representative (otherwise known as an executor) is appointed to your estate. During this process, beneficiaries receive notice of the will and can raise their objections. The time and money required for probate depend on the type of probate. Using the correct techniques makes it possible to avoid probate and enjoy a more efficient transfer of assets. 

How Your Millman Law Group Attorney Can Help You Avoid Florida Probate

It is always best to avoid probate when you can because of how lengthy and costly the process can become. When you work with an experienced estate planning attorney, they can help you meet your estate planning goals while avoiding probate and reducing expenses. How can your attorney help you avoid probate? Through the following actions: 

  • Establish joint ownership of assets. This is an option when people co-own a property. They can do this as spouses, tenants by the entirety, or as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. When one owner dies, the surviving owner keeps their property ownership without requiring probate. 
  • Name beneficiaries for financial accounts. Avoid probate by naming beneficiaries to life insurance, retirement plans, and bank accounts. 
  • Own assets under a living trust. A living trust, or living revocable trust, will act as your will as it can pass down assets after your death. To avoid probate, the assets must be owned by the trust. Partnering with an estate planning attorney can help you transfer assets into a trust. 

You may also avoid probate by ensuring that every piece of property, financial account, and asset is jointly owned. The ownership must be between another person, owned by a trust or another current beneficiary. 

Benefit From the Services of an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer 

You can feel confident that everything will go smoothly when you work alongside The Millman Law Group during probate. Your lawyer does more than make Florida probate in West Palm Beach manageable – they also help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Your attorney can help prevent challenging situations and help you navigate any issues. This includes cases in which a person dies without a will, and their assets are “intestate.” 

If you want to avoid extra expenses, confusion, and family disagreements after a loved one’s death, you can depend on The Millman Law Group.

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