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millman law group estate planning lawyer in broward county

Plan for your future with your estate planning lawyer in Broward County.

Estate planning can quickly overwhelm anybody, but with the guidance of an experienced lawyer, you can create a plan that suits your family. Aaron D. Millman, Esq., CPA, established The Millman Law Group in 2018. Our lawyers and elder care coordinator strive to advocate for our clients and always provide professional and consistent services. Every family’s needs are different, so we consider every detail carefully before deciding on a plan that is best for you. 

Your estate planning lawyer in Broward County has the extensive experience required to help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances in the future and to provide for your heirs. 

What Is Estate Planning? 

Everything you own comprises your estate. But what happens when you die? Most people decide to pass their estate to family members, friends or even organizations. 

To ensure that your estate is passed on the way you wish, you need to create a plan that provides instructions. These instructions state: 

  • Who receives which parts of your estate
  • What assets these people will receive
  • When they will receive these assets

Your estate planning lawyer in Broward County is here to help you create a straightforward estate plan that helps you avoid excess state tax, legal fees, and court costs

What Else Can Your Estate Planning Lawyer Do? 

Estate planning is about more than helping you pass down assets. You can work with your estate planning attorney to: 

  • Create plans for your assets and care if you are incapacitated 
  • Name a guardian for your children
  • Plan the transfer of a business in the case of retirement, incapacity, death, or disability 
  • Financially provide for family members with special needs without disqualifying them from federal benefits 

Estate planning is an ongoing process, so we recommend reviewing your plan over time as factors change. Your lawyer will know the most efficient way to plan your estate and suggest helpful updates. 

How The Millman Law Group Helps You Plan For the Future

Your estate planning lawyer uses many tools to create a thorough plan for your estate. These tools include: 

  • Wills: We create a will to plan your transfer of assets
  • Revocable Trusts: These enable you to add and remove assets, terminate trusts, or change instructions. Trusts can be altered during your lifetime and help your beneficiaries avoid probate and conservatorship hearings. 
  • Special Needs Trusts: These trusts provide care to beneficiaries with disabilities while ensuring protection. 
  • Durable Power of Attorney: Protects people when they cannot make their own decisions. 
  • Health Care Proxies/Living Wills: Your healthcare proxy makes decisions when you cannot. A living will describes your wishes in these situations. 

If you want to determine what happens to your family and your property after your death, estate planning is the best way to guarantee that your wishes are respected. 

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