How Do You Choose a Personal Representative When You Have No Children?

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How can you choose a reliable personal representative when you don’t have adult children? Consider these options.

Your estate’s personal representative, or executor, has a significant role. Your personal representative is tasked with administering your estate according to the instructions laid out in your Will. This person must settle any remaining debts and ensure all beneficiaries named in the Will receive the appropriate assets. This person is responsible for carrying out your final wishes and helping the estate administration process go as smoothly as possible. When crafting your estate plan, you are required to choose your personal representative. Many people select one of their adult children to fill this role, as they are most familiar with their parent’s wishes. However, not everyone has children, or children which are appropriate choices for a personal representative. What can you do then? Consider these factors when considering which friends, relatives, or professionals may suit the role. 

Assess the Work to Be Done 

No two estates are alike. Some are relatively easy to administer with simple assets and beneficiaries who get along. However, some estates, such as those with sophisticated investments, are better served by a personal representative with a strong financial background. Additionally, if there are challenging family dynamics involved in an estate, it may best be served by a third-party executor who is not directly involved in disputes. 

Consider the Beneficiaries of Your Estate

Before you choose a personal representative, consider the beneficiaries of your estate. A friend or relative receiving a sizable share of your estate has a reason to ensure that your estate is administered efficiently and correctly. Additionally, someone you care about enough to make a beneficiary is likely also someone you can trust to respect your wishes after your death regarding the rest of your estate. 

Trust a Professional 

If none of your friends or family members feels like the best fit for your personal representative, consider trusting a professional. Your attorney at The Milman Law Group, who assisted you in drawing up your estate or Will, can act as your personal representative. This can be especially helpful if you believe that your relatives or adult children you do have will be unhappy with parts of your estate plan. To reduce familial conflict, choosing a personal representative with no personal ties to your family or estate may be best. 

If you don’t have adult children to assign as your personal representative, that doesn’t mean you cannot find someone else to trust with your estate. Consider the responsibilities involved, and choose someone equipped to handle them.

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