5 Reasons to Avoid Do-It-Yourself Wills and Trust An Attorney Instead

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You can see better results when you avoid DIY wills and trust an attorney instead.

There are plenty of reasons people find themselves delaying the creation of their Will. It can be quite easy to delay tackling this task, but there is ultimately no good excuse for ignoring what is one of your life’s most important legal documents. When people try the “do-it-yourself” route to save time, money, or hassle, they can make mistakes that have far-reaching consequences. This is why The Millman Law Group always recommends that you consult a lawyer to draft your Will and avoid DIY Wills and other legal services. When you trust an experienced lawyer, you can rest easy knowing you have everything covered. 

“DIY Wills” Are Difficult to Execute

Homemade wills are often difficult or even impossible to execute because although the executor, or personal representative, is named, they are not necessarily granted rights to manage the estate and fulfill their obligations. In many cases, not naming an alternative personal representative can cause more problems when the original choice is unable or unwilling to administer the Will.

Gifts Can Be Easily Contested 

Imagine that a parent leaves their family home to their only child through their DIY Will. But what about the assets and vehicles on the property? Unless specified in the Will, other family members or friends may attempt to make claims on those items. Additionally, a DIY Will may specify that an adult receives the house and everything in it but then leaves no directions regarding the payment of taxes, insurance, or property maintenance. When you avoid DIY Wills and work with an attorney, you can avoid skipping over these crucial details. 

DIY Wills Are Not “Life-Proof”

Everyone has assumptions about the future. A strong Will, however, plans beyond those assumptions so that if an unexpected illness, injury, or natural disaster occurs that destroys property included in your estate, your existing financial assets and the inheritance of your loved ones are protected. Estate planning attorneys are trained to identify those potential challenges and create solutions that overcome them in your Will. 

Your Assets Are Not Fully Protected

A prime reason to avoid DIY Wills is that you cannot be sure these “homemade” Wills really protect your assets. Government benefit laws are complicated, and even attorneys not experienced in estate planning or elder law may find it challenging to navigate. Simply stating who receives what in your Will does not account for situations such as providing for a disabled child who receives government benefits or preventing creditors from collecting on assets. Your Will needs strategies so you can prepare for your unique circumstances. 

There Is No “One Size Fits All”

When you use online templates designed for DIY Wills, these templates often don’t consider your state’s laws regarding inheritance, trusts, long-term care, and other matters. What works in one state may not satisfy laws in another. If you use these Wills, your family and loved ones could encounter significant difficulties inheriting your assets according to your wishes. The truth, when it comes to estate planning, there is no “one size fits all.” When you work with an experienced lawyer, you can understand the tasks needed for your estate and family.

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