A Few Need-to-Knows About Medicaid

Facts About Medicaid Millman Law Group

Medicaid helps people have quality care as they age

It can be slightly overwhelming when you’re trying to understand the ins and outs of Medicaid. For that reason, Millman Law Group is here to help. Millman Law Group prides itself on serving an underserved community, which is the elderly community. As you become older, you should experience less stress because life starts to slow down, but preparation comes with that. Millman Law Group wants to ensure that you have all of your ducks in a row regarding estate, long-term care, and Medicaid planning. Here are five of the many facts that you should know about Medicaid. 

Medicaid Helps Out Those Who Are Elderly With a Low Income

While many older adults receive a pension from their jobs when they retire, sometimes it’s not always enough to foot the bills compared to when they were working full-time. Medicaid covers individuals earning a low income. Even if you have complex and costly needs for care, this public health insurance program may help you. 

Medicaid Covers Long-Term Care Services

Medicaid works to take care of various populations and needs. Many states, including Florida, elect for it to cover the following:

  • Prescription Drugs
  • Physical Therapy
  • Preventative, Mental Health, and Substance Use Treatment Services
  • Long-Term and Nursing Home Care
  • Hospicare Care
  • Ambulance and wheelchair van services and emergency medical transportation
  • Clinic Services
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Inpatient medical care
  • Outpatient hospital or clinic care
  • So Much More! 

It Helps Those With Disabilities 

The term “disability” is broad. In short, if you or a family member has a lack of cognitive functioning that prevents you from performing daily tasks, you may have a disability. Children with autism or cerebral palsy are examples of someone living with a disability. Adults with dementia are another example. If you decide that you’re going to set up a special needs trust for your child, let Millman Law Group help. We can ensure that your child will still have access to the trust without being ineligible for Medicaid benefits. 

Medicaid Covers What Medicare Doesn’t

Medicare typically never covers a person’s medical bills entirely, even for covered services. As a Medicare beneficiary, your out-of-pocket expenses may include premiums, deductibles, and copays, as well as some prescription drugs not being covered. Medicaid can make up the cost. 

Where Medicaid Can Get Tricky

It can be challenging to ensure that you’re eligible for this public health insurance program if you have many countable assets. Countable assets include revocable trust accounts, second homes, multiple automobiles, etc. Countable assets indicate that you have a lot of money. If your income may be too high to qualify, Millman Law Group can help. Give us a call today! 


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