Why You Need to Include a Health Care Proxy In Your Estate Plan

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A health care proxy can be an essential part of any estate plan.

When crafting an estate plan, some essential parts should never be overlooked. One of these crucial components is the naming of a health care proxy. A proxy is a person appointed to make medical decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself. While many people don’t imagine that they will be in this situation or don’t like to think about the possibility, assigning a health care proxy can be one way to ensure that your wishes are honored even in the most unexpected situations.

What Your Health Care Proxy Can Do 

Your chosen health care proxy is given durable medical power of attorney that allows them to carry out your wishes. They not only can make end-of-life medical decisions, but they can also act on your behalf for any of the following situations: 

  • Selecting and authorizing medical tests
  • Transferring you to a new doctor or hospital
  • Getting second opinions on your diagnosis
  • Discussing treatment options with healthcare providers 

Your proxy must adhere to specific wishes outlined in your living will when it comes to end-of-life decisions. This means that your proxy only has the authority to take you off of life-support if you authorized it in writing. 

How to Select Your Health Care Proxy 

You can select a health care proxy at any time and you can choose how much power this person has over your care. For example, you can specify: 

  • Whether a doctor needs to certify you as incompetent or incapacitated before the proxy’s power comes into effect
  • How much access the proxy has to your medical records
  • Which healthcare decisions are off-the-table 

Of course, you should select a proxy that you absolutely trust. This person will have to make complex decisions about your care with the knowledge of what you would want. Health care proxies work with your living will to ensure that there is never a conflict of interest in your care. They will ensure that you receive the care you would have chosen for yourself. 

What Is a Living Will? 

A living will is a document that defines your wishes if you become incapacitated and need medical treatment. This document can cover everything from types of treatment to whether or not you wish to be resuscitated. 

This essential document acts as a directive to doctors and nurses and is what they will obey, even if you have a proxy that tries to act against your wishes. Work with The Millman Law Group today to get started on planning your living will and selecting your best health care proxy. 

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