What Is and Who Should Be A Healthcare Power of Attorney?

Healthcare Power of Attorney Characteristics Millman Law Group

Your healthcare power of attorney should be someone that you trust

The healthcare power of attorney is often an overlooked factor regarding healthcare decisions. You may have also heard of a health care power of attorney referred to as a health care proxy, patient advocate, or health care representative. Regardless of the name you prefer, this person has the significant duty to make healthcare decisions on your behalf if, unfortunately, you can no longer make them for yourself. 

When you designate a healthcare power of attorney, this gives you peace of mind that decisions about your health will be in excellent hands. At Millman Law Group, we like to prepare a healthcare advance directive for clients that contain a healthcare power of attorney, HIPPA authorization, and a living will. A golden rule of thumb is to choose this person after the diagnosis of a debilitating condition or if you require major surgery in the near future. Still, you can select a healthcare power of attorney any time you’d like and merely contact Millman Law Group and have one of our attorneys draw up the document for you. Here are some characteristics that a person should have if they’re going to be the healthcare power of attorney in your healthcare advance directive.  

Ideal Characteristics for a Healthcare Power of Attorney

This decision may seem relatively straightforward. Naturally, most people choose the person they are closest to, whether it’s a relative or friend. The goal here is to select the person that represents your wishes best. You want to trust this person without any doubts or hesitation, and even if they disagree with your decisions, you have to know that they’re going to follow through on them. Here are some golden rules to keep in mind: 

  1. Choose a person close in proximity to you and your preferred health care facility in case there’s an emergency. 
  2. Choose a person who has high morals, has the confidence and assertion to speak on your behalf, and can articulate well.
  3. Choose someone who understands medical processes, or at least that you know will ask the right questions about medical procedures.  
  4. Choose someone who you know can take on this responsibility without feeling overwhelmed. 

If you’re ready to make one of the most significant decisions about your health and finances, give Millman Law Group a call today. We make planning for your future simple and execute our services with compassion and skill. 


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