The Disadvantage of a DIY Will and Not Hiring an Estate Plan Lawyer

Benefits of an Estate Plan Lawyer Millman Law Group

Hiring an Estate Plan Lawyer Saves You a Lot of Frustration

There are many disadvantages to not hiring an estate plan lawyer. We live in an information age where learning how to implement tasks seems as straightforward as reading a self-help book or Googling information. With the seemingly limitless information out there, it appears as if it’s more cost-effective to bypass hiring an estate plan lawyer. So the question becomes not “Can you write your will on your own?” but “Should you?” Of course, you shouldn’t, and here are a few reasons why. 

Having a Will is Excellent, but Having a Comprehensive Estate Plan is Better

People often use the terms “will” and “estate plan” interchangeably. However, they aren’t interchangeable terms. A will is merely one of the documents that comprise a comprehensive estate plan. An estate plan is the complete set of legal documents that provide for your care financially and healthwise if you become incapacitated or pass away. Sometimes, as many as nine different files can make up an estate plan. When you write a will yourself, it doesn’t come close to accounting for all of the things you may need. 

Hiring an Estate Plan Lawyer Saves You a Lot of Frustration

If you try a DIY project on how to plant a garden or put together a bookshelf, it’s one thing. However, the trial and error that comes with these processes don’t equate to the heavy responsibility of trying to create generational wealth, provide for your survivors, or carry on your legacy. It takes a lot of time, research, and education to avoid pitfalls and mistakes and figure out how to adequately fund your estate plan. Therefore, it’s also best not to put your trust in any estate plan lawyer. Instead, you deserve to partner with a law firm that’s thorough, patient, detail-oriented, highly knowledgeable, and compassionate. Millman Law Group is that law firm. 

A DIY Will Can Be Costlier on Many Levels

An imperfect estate plan can mean that your estate ends up paying much more long term when you think about court fees, attorney fees, and taxes. If asset protection is on your to-do list, meeting with Millman Law Group can make professional and practical recommendations about the best way to set up asset protection to protect your estate from lawsuits, divorces, or family drama. 

Estate Planning is Hard

Every detail in an estate plan matters, down to the wording. Also, the law constantly changes, and it can become challenging to keep on top of local rules and regulations, case, federal, administrative, and tax laws. The average person doesn’t have the time to take on this full-time job. For that reason, you’ll benefit from hiring Millman Law Group, a law firm dedicated and committed to serving an underrepresented community and creating specialized estate plans. 

An Estate Plan Made Easy With Millman Law Group

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