Prepare a Long-Term Care Plan with an Elder Law Attorney

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Your elder law attorney can help you prepare a well-rounded long-term care plan for your future.

An essential part of estate planning is creating a long-term care plan. More than 70% of seniors will require long-term care as they age. However, not every type of long-term care will be covered by services like Medicare and may not even be considered part of a basic estate plan. Due to the expenses that can accumulate when paying for sufficient long-term care, working with experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys is essential to help you prepare for numerous scenarios. At The Millman Law Group, we understand what individuals and families need to plan for their estate and future care. 

Have Your Elder Law Attorney Review Your Estate Plan 

Not all estate planning attorneys may be experienced in elder law. At The Millman Law Group, we are. This specific area of law addresses the needs of senior citizens and their families. Having a knowledgeable elder lawyer review your existing estate plan can help you make sure you take all crucial steps. An elder law attorney can address the following: 

  • End-of-life wishes
  • Estate administration
  • Probate issues
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Trusts
  • Medicaid Planning
  • Guardianships 

Create a Will and Organize Documents

Gathering documents and creating or updating a will now rather than later is always best. Having the necessary documents organized and easy to access makes the probate process go more smoothly. Making sure your will is updated can help ease tensions between family members and ensure that all assets are appropriately distributed. It is best to start on these estate planning tasks before it’s too late due to medical complications, failing memory, or other health issues that may impact your ability to dictate your wishes.

Consider Power of Attorney and Health Care Advance Directives

Another crucial step for estate and long-term care planning is exploring options like power of attorney. A power of attorney can make financial decisions on behalf of the older person if they become incapacitated.  

A health care advance directive lets family members know what their wishes for health care are if they are incapacitated. Both power of attorney and health care advance directives can ensure that a person receives the care for themselves and their assets that they desire. 

Medicaid Trust for Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care

There is a fair possibility that you or a loved one will need nursing home care as you age. These stays may be short or extensive. No matter how much nursing home care is required, this kind of long-term care is often out of budget for many people. This means they may have to go without beneficial care, rely on their children’s finances, or find a financial workaround. One of these “workarounds” people use is a Medicaid trust, which can allow for the elder’s finances to be set aside and saved while at the same time providing them with the chance to receive the treatment they need. 

When you work with an experienced elder law attorney, your attorney can help you take steps to create a long-term care plan that accounts for many possible scenarios.

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