Long Term Care Planning in Parkland

millman law group long term care planning in Parkland

Secure your future with long term care planning in Parkland.

Nearly 70% of all senior citizens will require long-term care at some point. However, few of those seniors have a plan in place for that care. Without a definite care plan, an aging adult can suffer a sudden injury or receive a diagnosis that requires long-term treatment and have their life upended. Long term care planning in Parkland, FL, can help people avoid the challenges of these sudden life changes. When you create a plan for your future care, you can rest knowing that you will receive the care you need. You can also know that your finances can cover this care. 

The attorneys of The Millman Law Group can help you explore long-term care options. Aaron Millman, Esq., CPA, founded The Millman Law Group to provide Florida residents with the necessary planning services. We know that every person’s needs are special, so our skilled team is ready to address your concerns. 

The Purpose of Long Term Care Planning

Long term care planning is essential for many reasons, including accounting for future illness, injury, disability, and infirmity. You may require care for different lengths of time, from a few weeks up to several years. To create your best care plan, you must consider the following:

  • How do you prefer to receive care
  • How will you finance treatment
  • The type of care you need or want
  • Who will provide that care

When you work with The Millman Law Group, you will partner with our elder care coordinator and your elder care lawyer to navigate the complexities of long term care planning in Parkland. 

The Best Time to Create Your Long Term Care Plan 

Most people do not have a care plan in place because they think they do not need one. However, life-altering illnesses or injuries can arrive instantly and leave you without time to find the proper care you need. If you have a plan in place before receiving an injury or diagnosis, you can more easily face these challenges. 

A few signs indicate it’s time to start long-term care planning as soon as possible. These signs can include:

  • A life-altering accident
  • A terminal diagnosis
  • Declining mobility or loss of vitality
  • A parent has early dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • A health scare has shown you how ill-prepared you are 

If any of these scenarios apply, you can contact The Millman Law Group today to start designing your plan. 

Help From an Elder Care Coordinator

At The Millman Law Group, you will work with an elder care coordinator to craft your ideal plan. This coordinator has knowledge of Medicaid planning, many complex health insurance policies, and veterans’ benefits. They will use this knowledge to help you understand the expenses required for long term care planning in Parkland and help you avoid situations that drain your finances. 

The goal of The Millman Law Group is always to help you and your family receive the best elder care at the best price. We also provide our clients with free life care planning consultations and workbooks. Contact The Millman Law Group today if you want to start preparing for your future. 

Contact The Millman Law Group to Start Long Term Care Planning in Parkland

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