Life Care Planning

At Millman Law Group, we go beyond the usual wills and trusts in planning end-of-life care. We believe that everyone should be fully prepared with a well-crafted plan when they are faced with end of life choices. This plan should answer questions like, “how do we pay for long term care facilities?” and, “how do we make sure my husband/wife is still cared for?” We know that a will, however carefully thought out, does not help families deal with the day to day challenges they will face between something like a dementia or Parkinson’s diagnosis and a death. Life care planning allows that space in-between to be covered.

What is Life Care Planning?

Life care planning is a fundamental new approach to handling disability often seen in elders as our population is living longer and longer. Law firms that practice life care planning go beyond regular elder-law and help bridge the gap between healthcare and financial services to create an all-encompassing plan to protect elders and their families.

We do not just provide help with estate planning either. We help families find care services, access public and private sources to pay for care, plan for caregiver fatigue, file and adjust living wills, and select an elder care coordinator to make sure you always have someone on your side who is advocating for you.

Why Use the Life Care Planning Approach?

Every life care plan is designed to meet three objectives:

  1. Make sure the elder gets appropriate care while maintaining the quality of life they want. That care can be at home or in a residential facility, depending on the needs and wishes of the individual.
  2. Leverage public and private sources to help pay for long-term care while managing the high costs of long-term care.
  3. Create a peace of mind for both the family and the elder as they go through the end-of-life process, knowing the choices they have made are the right choices for their specific situation. The focus is on maintaining a high level of care while minimizing asset loss.

These three objectives are exactly why every family needs a life care plan. The plan offers peace of mind, preserves family resources, and ensures high quality care. It also offers a perfect opportunity to make sure families are on the same page when dealing with the stress of declining health. It is much easier for families to be confident in their choices when they know it has been discussed before it was necessary.

For more information on when to get started with life care planning, check out our page here.

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