Life Care Planning: What Is It?

Life Care Planning: What is It? Millman Law Group

Life Care planning aims to maintain the health, wellbeing, and safety of someone with a chronic illness or an elderly loved one with a disability.

Life Care planning benefits those who have chronic injuries or illnesses—a life care plan details and documents a person’s future medical and supportive needs. Life Care planning aims to maintain the health, wellbeing, and safety of someone with a chronic illness or an elderly loved one with a disability. With a lifecare plan, elders and their families will have access to a wider variety of care options and the guidance of compassionate advisors who will help them make the best decisions regarding every aspect of a loved one’s well-being. If life care planning is something that you and your family ever need, you can count on Millman Law Group to guide you in the right direction. 

What Parties Are Involved in Life Care Planning?

Patients, families, rehabilitation professionals, and caseworkers are all parties that can be involved to coordinate and arrange the best medical care and support for an injured or chronically ill person. A life care plan also helps outline the nature and cost of a chronically ill person’s long-term care needs

What Are Some of the Main Roles and Responsibilities of Life Care Planners?

When creating a life care plan, life care planners take a lot into account. They have to review a patient’s potential needs based on their injury or illness and looking at medical cost information determined by where the patient lives and what the best and most affordable care options may be

What Factors Attribute to the Finalized Life Care Plan?

Lifecare planning is completely individual-based. It all depends on a patient’s specific needs. However, a finalized life care plan may include evaluations from many healthcare providers, therapy (physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.), medication, diagnostic testing, counseling, home care, surgeries, transportation, and many other factors. 

Indicators That Life Care Planning Should Be in Your Future

  1. You’re a caregiver who needs help and is suffering from health complications, or you’re merely experiencing burnout or financial detriment trying to take care of your loved one.
  2. The injured worker and their family feel overwhelmed about healthcare options and what their next move should be.
  3. You and your family can’t agree on how to care for your disabled loved one.
  4. Your loved one has been injured or requires extended long-term care, and sadly, returning home may not be an option.
  5. The injured or ill patient doesn’t have children or a spouse who can provide supplemental healthcare assistance. 


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