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Florida Domicile Planning Millman Law Group

Domicile Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult with Millman Law Group

Today we will discuss some details about domicile planning in Florida. In short, a “domicile” refers to the state where you pay taxes. Thus, making you eligible for state programs and benefits. A “domicile” also refers to the place that you live with the intent of making this place your permanent resident for an indefinite amount of time. When it comes to domicile planning, you have to choose one state and clearly outline your ties to that state. Another way of putting this is that you have to show proof to your former state of domicile that you no longer occupy your former residence and that Florida is your new domicile. This process takes a few steps. Hiring Millman Law Group PLLC to get you through these steps will make your life much easier. Here are some of the steps to domicile planning in Florida. 

File for a Florida Declaration of Domicile

This document makes it clear that you are a Florida resident. This document states that you live in and maintain a Florida residence permanently. In this document, you also must detail where you own places in other states. When you file this document, it must be evident that Florida constitutes your predominant and principal home if you do own homes in another state. 

Ensure That You Have Florida State Tags

If you drive, you need to have a driver’s license in the state of Florida. After you file for your Florida Declaration of Domicile, you have 30 days to get your Florida State Driver’s license. You will also need proof of your social security number and two documents that show your Florida address. When you apply, your license in your former state will no longer be valid. If you do not drive, apply for a Florida state I.D. 

Register Your Vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles

You should register all of your motor vehicles with Florida’s Department of Vehicles. You should even register your boat! It would also be best to make sure that you have insurance for your cars, trucks, or boats in Florida. 

Voter’s Registration Should Be Applicable in Florida

Voter’s registration books close 30 days before election time. However, when you register your vehicles, your license, or your state I.D., you can register to vote in Florida simultaneously. 

If You Pay on a Mortgage, Apply for Florida Homestead Exemption

This step will help establish your domicile in Florida and provide estate tax benefits and asset protection. Don’t forget to file your final tax return in your former state. You’ll want to notify tax officials that you’ll be moving to another state. 

Other Domicile Planning Tips

  • Update Your Estate Plan (We can help, of course!)
  • Open local bank accounts.
  • Completely Cut Ties with Your Former State 

Domicile Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult with Millman Law Group

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