How a VA Benefits Attorney Can Help You

Millman Law Group VA benefits attorney

Your VA benefits attorney can help you determine which benefits you are eligible to receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans and their families can receive several benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, understanding these benefits and navigating their eligibility requirements can be extremely challenging, as can securing the benefits you deserve. As a result, many veterans have found that working with a VA benefits attorney helps them navigate the application and benefits process. If you believe that you or your family is entitled to receive VA benefits, the experienced lawyers at The Millman Law Group can assist you in the following ways. 

Your Attorney Determines Which VA Benefits Are Available To You

Understanding which benefits are available to you isn’t always easy, but it is essential. For instance, if you need medical treatment, filing for VA disability benefits can help you ensure that you receive the care you need. 

Your experienced VA benefits attorney knows the benefits inside and out, so they can determine which you may be eligible for and explain how these benefits can help you save money and receive care. 

Assistance in Filing Your Benefit Applications 

Once you identify which benefits you’re eligible for, you need to apply. The extensive information required for these applications can make applying an ordeal for people who have busy lives and other concerns they need to take care of. 

Fortunately, when you work with an attorney, your attorney can use the information you provide to complete the application accurately. This is essential because the application approval may be delayed or even denied if any information is inaccurate. 

Apply for the VA Aid & Attendance Pension Program

At The Millman Law Group, we have extensive experience assisting clients in benefiting from the VA Aid & Attendance Pension Program. This program provides a pension to veterans and their surviving spouses that can be as much as $2,300 a month. There are specific requirements for eligibility including wartime service, income, and clinical specifications. This pension can often be helpful to those who have a low income or require daily medical care. 

Deal with VA Benefits Denials and Appeals

If you have not yet filed for benefits, hiring an experienced VA benefits attorney helps reduce your risk of receiving a denial. 

If you have already filed for benefits and your application was denied, you can discuss your situation with your attorney. It is possible to appeal benefit denials; however, your attorney will first need to examine why your application was denied and what you may need to get your approval. 

Avoid Early Termination of Benefits

Many military veterans have had their disability benefits terminated prematurely. The VA can terminate these benefits for various reasons, but it can often happen unexpectedly. 

To avoid this situation, your attorney will explain what you need to do to keep receiving them. They can also help address any issues that may lead to a premature denial of benefits. When you work with The Millman Law Group, you can avoid the excess stress that comes with receiving financial benefits. 

VA Benefits Made Easy With Millman Law Group

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