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Your Florida elder law attorney in Broward County can help you plan for the future.

Are you searching for a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide through elder law or elder care in Broward County, Florida? You can find the help you need in your Florida elder law attorney in Broward County at The Millman Law Group. The Millman Law Group was established in 2018 by Aaron D. Millman, Esq., CPA, to provide the excellent legal services our Florida clients need. At The Millman Law Group, we understand that every person’s needs are different, so we carefully consider your individual circumstances before recommending action. Then, we help you make the most practical and effective decisions for your personal, medical, and financial interests. 

What Is Elder Law? 

Elder law refers to the care of elderly individuals and the numerous health and financial services that aging adults depend on. Elder care planning involves handling many legal documents and processes. For instance, elder care is an extension of estate planning, including the creation of trusts and wills. 

Estate planning for elders can also encompass devising long-term care solutions, Medicaid planning, and other essential services. Your Florida elder law attorney in Broward County can help you understand and file all necessary legal documents to confirm these plans. 

We also serve clients interested in creating long-term care plans for their parents or elderly relatives. We know the peace of mind that comes from preparing for one’s safety, so we work tirelessly to ensure that your relative’s wishes are always respected. 

The Key Components of Elder Law

Elder law focuses on the primary three concerns that affect most aging citizens: 

  • Estate planning and administration, including trusts and wills
  • Guardianship, including choosing and appointing legal guardians
  • Long-term care and Medicaid planning

Your Florida elder law attorney in Broward County will help you set up a durable power of attorney, draft your living will, and carry out requests for your estate. Your attorney can also help you find excellent long-term healthcare facilities or services. They can help you plan for this long-term care by creating a payment plan that will not deplete your savings. 

The Benefits of Working with Experienced Attorneys in Broward County

Navigating the demands of estate and long-term care planning can be challenging. Working with an elder law attorney in Broward County can significantly help by guaranteeing that no detail is ignored and no careless errors are made.

Preparing for old age should always be taken seriously. Life and estate planning must be undertaken with careful consideration, no matter what your circumstances are. The Millman Law Group understands estate planning challenges and is prepared to provide reliable and satisfying services to you and your family.

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Millman Law Group, PLLC is one of the only law firms that offers life planning in South Florida. From life care planning to the preparation of detailed estate plans, Millman Law Group has committed to serving Floridian elderly communities in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Ocean Ridge, Hillsboro Beach, and many other areas since 2018. Our dedicated team specializes in special needs trusts and catering to any age demographic because we know that it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. For the latest news in estate planning and elder care law, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can also contact us at 561-463-6480.