3 Reasons to Work With an Estate Planning Attorney Experienced With Trusts

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An estate planning attorney can help you create and administer your trusts.

When creating a comprehensive estate plan, you should include a trust to ensure the smoothest experience for your heirs. Any qualified estate planning attorney will encourage you to use trusts as part of your estate plan for several reasons. At The Millman Law Group, we have extensive experience preparing trusts for our clients. Your attorney will be able to recommend the best trust for your needs, ensure the validity of that trust, and even work as a trustee if you prefer. Trusting a professional when establishing trusts and creating an estate plan is always best. The following reasons illustrate how working with an experienced estate planning attorney can benefit you. 

It’s Always More Complicated Than You Expect

Creating a trust is more complex than you may think. This doesn’t even include the specifics of your personal estate or relationships. The trust laws of the state and your local jurisdiction are often complex and must be understood by an experienced professional. Your estate planning attorney is always staying on top of new laws and changes to the rules. 

Additionally, most family situations may create more complexities. For example, blended families pose some challenges. Parents with children who have special needs can significantly benefit from a trust lawyer to ensure that they can pass down assets to that child without disqualifying them from federal aid. If you have requirements you wish your heirs to follow, your lawyer can also create a trust that specifies these instructions. 

Ensure the Validity of Your New Trusts

A critical reason for hiring an experienced estate planning attorney is that you can ensure your trusts are valid. Creating a trust is not easy, but if you need a trust document, it must be valid. If the trust is invalid for any reason, large or small, it is useless to you and your beneficiaries. This is why you should not take chances when creating your estate plan. Your lawyer will know legal requirements and the latest laws so they can prepare a valid and effective trust for you. 

A Trust Lawyer Has the Experience You Need

While drafting and setting up a trust is complex, administering a trust is even more difficult. An experienced estate planning lawyer has experience doing both. Because your lawyer will have experience with many trusts prior to yours, they will know what questions to ask, what difficulties may arise, and how you can plan for the unexpected. This experience will help you do things right the first time, and save you time and money overall. When done correctly, trusts can be vital to any estate plan. Contact The Millman Law Group today to learn more. 

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