An Overview of Creating an Excellent Estate Plan: Part Two

Overview of Creating an Excellent Estate Plan: Part Two

Creating a thorough estate plan is so intricate that we couldn’t fit all the valuable information you should know into one blog!

Creating a thorough estate plan is so intricate that we couldn’t fit all the valuable information you should know into one blog! Last week, we left off discussing the importance of hiring an estate planning lawyer, which of course, you can find here at Millman Law Group. We have the experience, compassion, and attention to detail you require to legalize an estate plan that meets all your specifications. Today we’ll talk about additional information, such as if you need a revocable trust and how to handle the possibility of being mentally incapacitated. Here is part two of creating an excellent estate plan. 

Determine if You Want a Revocable Living Trust in Your Estate Plan

A will and revocable living trust have a lot of overlap. Essentially, with both, you can allocate funds. However, you have to pay attention to what specific assets and accounts you want to distribute. For example, an IRA trust would be necessary if you’re passing funds from an IRA account to a beneficiary. In addition, a will comes into effect when you are no longer living. However, you can utilize a revocable living trust while you are still alive. 

Create a Plan for Mental Incapacity 

Even if you’ve been relatively healthy all your life, being extra prepared for unexpected health changes is never a bad idea. Furthermore, while it isn’t pleasant to think about, an unanticipated accident could happen. For that reason, disability planning matters, as well as guardianship and a trust that could help take care of a minor child if something were to happen to you. In addition, a living will, health care proxy, medical power of attorney, and power of attorney are all necessary is if you’re no longer to make medical or financial decisions for yourself. 

Think about Your Legacy 

When developing an estate plan, you’re essentially thinking about your legacy. You have to determine what you want to happen to your businesses, what charities you’d like to donate to, funeral arrangements, and how to ensure that your spouse doesn’t have to worry about how to pay the bills after you’re gone. In addition, a dynasty trust can ensure that you pass wealth on to multiple generations. Estate planning is deeper than figuring out what assets go to who and when they receive them. An estate plan clarifies how you want people to remember you and what matters to you the most. 

When it’s time to create the best estate plan, you can count on Millman Law Group. 

An Estate Plan Made Easy With Millman Law Group

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