A Living Will: How Having One Makes Life Easier

Living Will Millman Law Group PLLC

With a living will, or advanced directive, your doctor will know what your wishes are

A living will is significant as more and more people realize the importance of making critical health and end of life decisions early. It’s safe to say that you should always expect the unexpected after living through a year like 2020. A living will helps avoid protracted legal battles regarding taking care of a relative’s health and wellbeing because a living will outline their wishes and needs. Today we’ll delve deeper into this discussion and talk about how living wills can make life much easier. Here are the benefits.

You Can Say “No” To or Refuse Treatments That You Don’t Want 

There are numerous reasons why people refuse specific treatments. It could be mere discomfort or go as far as moral or religious beliefs. The benefit of a living will is that it puts you in control. You can control the treatments that you will and will not accept. 

A Living Will Minimizes Family Drama

It’s quite a fantastic feeling when you have many family members that love and care about you. With that in mind, their opinions can differ about the best treatments for you. A living will stops disagreements and disputes in their tracks. 

You’ll Prevent Your Family From Making Tough Decisions.

In any circumstance, life is much easier when you know what a person wants and expects. A living will specifies what people wish to do, ensuring that your family won’t have to play a guessing game. Once again, it also makes it so that your family won’t have to go through any expensive legal battles.

The Benefits of Advanced Will Directives

An advanced will directive is another benefit that puts you in charge. It ensures that your doctor follows your wishes. Often, doctors do what they think will be best for the patient. But with an advanced will directive, you can ensure that whatever happens to you is in your best wishes, versus the doctors. 

A Living Will Takes Away Financial Woes

A living will eliminates financial problems for your family, not only in terms of them avoiding a legal battle. But you can make choices about your medical treatments and long-term care in advance that will minimize the cost to take care of you. Consider a living will as a final act of love that will take some stress away from your family and ensure that you are taken care of as you see fit in case you can, unfortunately, no longer make decisions for yourself. Contact Millman Law Group PLLC today to learn more. 


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